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New Information
The 2022 TOHO Challenge 2023/01/13
"Dawn of a New Day" was the theme for the TOHO Challenge 2022. Please enjoy the selected works of the Featured Artists here: http://www.tohobeads.net/2022/2022thc.html
International Beads Biennale 2024 2022/12/21
Entries are now open for the International Beads Biennale 2024. We aim to present the premier bead art festival. Open to artists at any level of experience, entry is free for the first round of judging. For details, and the entry form, please go to: beadsbiennale.com/index_en.html
The 2021 TOHO Challenge 2022/04/08
Linking the past with the future. We present the delightful pieces in our "Modern Traditions" TOHO Challenge 2021. http://www.tohobeads.net/2021/2021thc.html
The 2020 TOHO Challenge 2021/01/18
Introducing inspirational designs for the “Spectrum of Joy” of TOHO Challenge 2020.
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