Our Craftmanship. The Process of Making Our Beads.

1. Glass Cane Making


Main materials, coloring materials and opalizers are heated in a furnace.

Placing raw materials in the furnace


The molten glass is scooped out onto a metal plate. It is then folded until it cools to a temperature suitable for drawing the glass into canes.

Adjustment of glass temperatureDrawing molten glass from the orifice

The cooled glass substrate is placed in a cane shaping pot, from which, as air is blown through the center, it is drawn out into a long, thin cane shape by a pulling machine.

Filtering Canes

Raw canes are filtered by diameter by passing them through an inspection board with size-specific holes.

Cane filtering machine / Canes

2. First Processing


Canes are cut horizontally and at uniform lengths by a cutting machine.


Heating the cut beads softens the edges, giving the beads a more rounded shape.

Reheating beads


Beads are rinsed to remove any impurities from the surface.



Since the surface of the rinsed beads are lightly frosted, they are heated again in order to melt just the surface and make them shiny and beautiful.


3. Bead’s Surface Treatment

Various secondary processes, such as plating, coloring, luster and rainbow coating are applied according to the desired color number.

Luster CoatingColoring

4. Quality Inspection and Packaging

Automated and manual detailed checks are done, after which the beads are carefully packed for shipment.

Quality InspectionPackaging