SUTO Kimie

Meet the artist

Concurrently running her own business, Kimiyell Co., Ltd., Kimie Suto has a strong commitment to her work as an instructor. She teaches many classes in several locations in both the Tokyo metropolitan area and Chiba Prefecture. Her stylish and easy-to-make designs have won great popularity and favorable recognition among bead lovers of all ages. Kimie was awarded the grand prize of “Minister of Education Award” at the 2008 Bead Art Japan competition. She also participates in Japan’s major bead events held at prestigious department stores. Kimie has been featured and interviewed as a charismatic bead instructor on many TV shows. She has also authored several textbooks for TOHO’s various accredited bead courses, including “Modern Beading Stitches” and “Traditional Beading Stitches,” and has also published a book on her own beadwork designs.

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What inspires you as an artist?

I find my beading inspiration in life’s beautiful scenery. Sky and flowers are key elements in my designs. Whenever I see Western-style clothes in magazines or on streets, my sense of fashion awakens and encourages me to make new necklace designs to match those garments.

What are you committed to when creating pieces? Describe your style of art.

Fashion fascinates me as much as beading does. Every day I think of wearable art designs that style clothes and make ladies look more beautiful. The designs must be beadwork that brings you joy, makes you want to go out and meet people.

Any message or advice for beaders around the world?

I’m writing a blog to share my daily beading activities. In order to complete your beadwork, you have to enjoy beading with a good attitude of craftsmanship and have a hard-working spirit.
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Gallery of Designs

Gra-Tri (Gradation Color Triangle)
Flower Lease
Fiore-TOHO Challenge 2018 Piece-