Beads (size 11/0 and larger) can be threaded without using a needle because of Amiet thread’s thin, sturdy texture. We have found that Amiet works well with beads, lace or leather but are sure that your creativity will find many other uses for Amiet.

  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Diameter: 2,520 decitex
  • Quantity: 20m (approx. 22yard) per spool
  • Colors: 18 colors available

Amiet 01

Amiet 02

Amiet 03

Amiet 04

Amiet 05

Amiet 06

Amiet 07

Amiet 08

Amiet 09

Amiet 10

Amiet 11

Amiet 12

Amiet 13

Amiet 14

Amiet 15

Amiet 16

Amiet 17

Amiet 18

How to use Amiet

Double Half Hitches

Easy! This basic bead stitch technique can be applied to many materials creating fun, fancy and fantastic designs. Turn an ordinary pony tail holder into a chou-chou (scrunchy) or bracelet using Amiet.

You can start stitching either clockwise or counter-clockwise.
Easily adapted for either right-hand or left-hand.


Thanks to Amiet you can create many shapes the Double Half Hitches on a frame.
When the form is done add charms, pendants, earwires etc…


Make pretty & fun chou-chous(scrunchies) with Magatamas, cubes or other large beads.