Glass beads


1. Larger hole

Toho beads are designed to have a larger hole that allows for even more passes through for threads. The larger hole also creates lighter beads, which gives you more beads by weight. The drawings below show the hole of round, cube, triangle and square hole beads. The cut holes of inside colored or silver lined beads give an exquisite shine.

2. Consistent size,
      shape and quality

The beads we develop are used worldwide as luxurious products because of their extremely consistent quality.


RoundThe shape is nearly perfect round. The hole is made larger so as to allow easier pass through with needles and threads. Size 11/0 and 8/0 are most commonly used and these come in a wide range of colors.
Square HoleThe hole is square shape which gives shine with brilliance and glitter in depth by reflecting the light.
TriangleThe shape is cut in triangle. It shines as such in dynamic motion by the angle of the light.
HexagonThe shape is cut in hexagon. It shines as such in soft motion by the angle of the light.
CubeThe shape is cut in cube. The hole is diamond shape which ensures the beads sit in correctly in a design.
3-CutThe shape is cut randomly which allows the beads to shine attractively in translations.
CharlotteThe shape has a single cut which allows beads to shine in translations by the angle of the light.
BugleThe shape is long tubular form which comes in several different lengths.
TwistThe shape is twisted and glitters with elegance.
AikoAiko beads are the finest quality cylinder beads which are totally consistent in shape and size.
Beaded piece has a silky and smooth finish which is best suited for bead weaving and bead stitching.
TreasureTreasure beads are cylinder beads suited for bead weaving and bead stitching.
MagatamaThe shape is like a droplet of water having an offset hole. It adds sparkle glassy shine to itself.
Demi RoundThe shape is a thinner version of the traditional round seed bead. Since Demi Round has the same hole size and diameter as the Round bead, it can be combined well with other beads and beading methods.